Is Tutoring Beneficial or Harmful to Your Child’s Education? – Education Future

In the recent years, parents have used tutoring as a means of educating their children. A research conducted by Eduventures – an educational firm-revealed that in 2005 parents spent $3.75 billion on tutors.Tutoring may not be popular among some people. The motivation to find a tutor may not be wise especially since it costs money. This is one of the reasons why the tendency to tutor has come under a lot of criticism However, we cannot deny the fact that tutoring can a source of enrichment to the educational life of their kids. Some parents also enroll their kids in the tutoring classes as they feel that the kids may have not had enough learning during the allocated school time.Responsibilities of a tutorTutors have various responsibilities and obligations, both to the children and the parents. Tutors are required to have the best interest of the children at heart. Bad news is that some tutors are only after monetary gain and this is why it is necessary to find a tutor who has the right interest of the kid at heart. Tutoring becomes a challenge because they are no clear guidelines or standard way of doing things.Unlike teachers, educationists or trained child therapist who are professionally trained and they clearly understand their responsibilities.It is prudent to understand that tutors work independently from teachers. Therefore, they should not exploit the anxiety that parents will most likely suffer from. It is the role of tutors to show the psychological and intellectual effects of tutoring of the children to independent parties namely the teacher and parents.Right and wrong reasons for tutoringHere are some basic reasons why parents may seek tutors for their childrenThe desire for them to excelSome parents may have the feeling that their kids are not performing as expected. They can do better if the services of a tutor are sought.Some students have organizational difficultiesSome kids may have difficulties in their organizational skills. They need the help of an independent party to help them improve on such skills.Some students have the desire to perform exemplary in standardized examinationsStandardized tests like ACT and SAT have been given importance in the education sector. It is crucial for kids in school to pass this kind of tests as it will determine their educational future.However, this may not be reason enough to support tutoring. Some children may not meet the expectations of the parents regardless of how many tutors are hired. There are many cases whereby parents have spent a lot of money on tutors only for the child not to join an elite high school or university. And for the few that will make it, they may not meet the expectations of those institutions during their schooling period.In conclusion, the decision to tutor or not lies with the parents and the children. Some children may still perform well academically without tutoring. You can use tutor finder to get a tutor in your location.

For Educators That Teach Overseas, The World Is Their Classroom – Education Future

For many educators, the decision to teach abroad stems from a very personal place. Some desiring to teach in a foreign country do so due to an unyielding passion for educating future minds coupled with a burning need to transcend diverging cultures in the universally accepted language of learning. Others arrive in a new environment to teach English with the hope of making an impact in the lives of young academics on a global scale. No matter what motivates an educator to pursue an overseas experience, one thing remains certain; while the influential reach of these professionals will no doubt create a changing force in their students’ lives, the educator herself often reaps an abundance of unexpected doles when arriving in a new land as a professional educator.The Many Benefits Of Traveling Overseas To Teach EnglishEmbracing an opportunity to teach in a foreign country can bring a diverse array of both obvious and unexpected benefits. Yes, clearly this overseas assignment marks an extraordinary occasion to bring western culture and curriculum to a remote region that may have limited exposure to academic diversity. Also, despite a relatively short experience, the final project completion makes for an outstanding resume builder that employers will certainly notice for years to come. However, these educators that relocate also often procure a vast assortment of more subtle benefits during the tenure of their assignment abroad.Simple Training And Assignment Placement: Licensed professional looking to educate overseas merely need to partner with a reputable recruiting agency that specializes educational projects to ensure a relatively streamlined training and placement process. A seasoned staffing firm will assist with required documentation, any additional training required for a desired project, as well as coordinate many of the details necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of arriving overseas to educate.Readily Available Network: Most placement agencies have secured numerous educational contracts concentrated in the same region, or even in the same school. Newly hired individual may be surprised to find a vast and readily available network of English speaking colleagues upon arrival. This ever ready slew of contacts truly eases the transition process and may deliver lifelong friendships based on the amazing shared life experience.Cultural Immersion: Instructors hired to teach abroad find themselves completely immersed in an entirely new and exciting culture. What better way to experience a nation, including its beliefs and societal customs and norms than by seeing it through the eyes of the country’s students? The school’s learners provide an outstanding resource to lend insight into their daily existence as well as grant an education in the latest vernacular trends, regional pop culture entities and various other cultural tidbits. Teachers often suddenly find themselves a student in their own classrooms!The benefits of taking an opportunity to live abroad to teach English range from blatant to discernibly subtle. Most importantly, every teacher’s overseas experience results in a distinctive and unique adventure that undoubtedly provides numerous life lessons.